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GIla Bola: Surviving Singapore Soccer

  • Date of memory: 21 August 2012
What is the state of football fandom in Singapore today after an absence at the Malaysia League for 18 years?

*Click on the cover photo above to download the e-book* "The authors, Dan Koh and Zakaria Zainal, have done good research. The e-book is an anthology of portraits and stories about life-long supporters of Singapore soccer. The timing cannot have been better as the LionsXII are enjoying a successful spell in the Malaysian Super League after a return of 18 years. The competition is beginning to woo the fans from both sides of the Causeway. This e-book tells the Singapore story in the words of 12 interesting characters, all different in personalities and designations but who share a common objective: talking soccer. [...] So the e-book takes in a good cross section of soccer lovers, and Dan and Zakaria form an important link with their friendship and passion, which see no boundaries. It is an e-book for all ages of soccer fans, and a must-read for an inkling into what Singapore football is all about." - Celebrated sports journalist Godfrey Robert in his Foreword to Gila Bola: Surviving Singapore Soccer.