East View Primary School 2006


Wan Ting Pat
Wan, Ting Pat

Many say that Primary School is just a place you "come and go". They say it's a place where you meet friends, go through childish situations, and then forget about the people and what had happened years later.

To me, my Primary School days were full of meaningful experiences.
From a simple group leader, to the class secretary and finally a school prefect. 

It was the place I truly grew up. From the very childish girl who would complain to the teacher about the most minor matter, to the girl who understood what real problems were and was eager to have them resolved.

From our first crush in class, to finding a person who actually carried mutual feelings towards yourself. 
From the teasing of each other, to finally admitting a truth.
From the first prize won in a Sport's Day competition, to our first achievement in the national SYF competition.

To many, they may have forgotten the friends they have met and the teachers who taught them in Primary School. But I still hold on to those memories created and contact the people who crossed my lives, because those are the people who watched me grow up and know who I really am. They believed in me, knowing who I will become later and watched what I have changed to be today.