Memories of the Cockpit Hotel


Singapore Memory Project
Victoria Junior College

7 Oxley Rise, Penang Road is remembered in many different a ways. For J. B. (Joseph Brook) David, a well-known businessman, it was the site of his mansion and his primary residence. Nowadays, people associate it with Visioncrest Residence, a series of residential and commercial buildings. But for many, it will be remembered as the former Cockpit Hotel. That is how Mr Low Kam Hoong remembers it: “ Before we were married, me and my wife together with some friends would drop by the lounge once in a while to enjoy a few drinks, always keeping drinks stirrer and sometimes drink glasses as souvenirs.”

The Cockpit Hotel was iconic with its distinctive fan-shaped windows and wrought-iron balconies. Originally called Hotel De L'Europe, it only officially adopted the name “ The Cockpit Hotel” in 1960. Before that, the hotel was nicknamed the Cockpit because the crew and passengers of the Dutch airline KLM frequently stayed there.

Excerpts from 'The History In Matchboxes' by Victoria Junior College