Toh's family story


Jian Gu
Eunice Toh Si Ying

	My family consists of my father, my mother, my younger brother and me. My whole family was born in Singapore and we currently live in a HDB flat. 
	My father’s name is 卓清波。After some interviewing with my parental grandparents, I somehow deduced that they gave my father his name because they wanted him to be calm in any situations. I think my father is a very calm person. Whenever there are insects in our house, such as cockroaches, lizards and beetles, he would always be the one who catch the insects and dispose them, while my brother, my mother and I would scream and run away. 
       My mother’s name is 邹美玲。Based on the interview with my grandmother, I finally realised that my grandmother gave her this name was because my grandmother wanted my mother to grow up into a beautiful and smart person. I think my mother is smart as she always helps me with my work when I do not know how to do the challenging questions. 
	My younger brother’s name is 卓恩。卓恩 means loyalty. My mother told me that she named my brother卓恩 was because she hoped that my brother will be grateful and loyal to her and my father. Personally, I think my brother cares a lot about the family. When my parents come home after work, he would often give them a cup of water. My parents are always very happy when he does that. I too feel proud. 
	My name is 卓思盈。My parents hope that I would think twice before doing anything. They also hope that I would succeed in everything I do. I am very thankful towards my parents for giving me such a wonderful name. My mother concluded that when I am faced with a challenging problem, I would put on my thinking cap and analyze before making a decision. Through this interview with my mother, I realised that I have been living up to my name.  
	My family and I had time to bond together because of the interview I did. Overall, I think this activity has allowed me to know more about my family and I enjoyed this activity very much.