My Tanjong Rhu Boys' School class


Yeo hong eng
Yeo, Hong Eng

Tanjong Rhu Boys' School was built in 1950. It almagamated with Tanjong Rhu Girls' School and Tanjong Rhu Primary School in 1982 and renamed it Tanjong Rhu Primary School making use of the premises of Tanjong Rhu Boys' and Tanjong Rhu Girls. In 1989, it closed down making way to build Duman High School. 

I was teaching there from 1.12.66 till 1985. 

The picture reminds me of the day I bought my first camera - the Kodak  Instantmatic 25 using 126 cartridge film. I brought it whenever we went on excursions. I used it to take school events too. Later I bought another one the Shanghai Double Lens Reflex. The classes that I took during these periods, had many photographs to remind them of the days they were under my charge. 

For more pictures visit: Tanjong Rhu Boys and Girls Primary School facebook.