Chris Koh
Atticus Phang King Lam

Families have Rules and Practices


	Families have rules and practices to set acceptable behavior and standards. My family rules and practices are as follows.

Rule #1
	Do not waste money unnecessarily. My parents use the Chinese saying “未雨绸缪” to emphasize the importance of saving money for rainy days. Hence, I have developed a good habit of saving it. Nevertheless, they also reminded me not to be a miser and the need to spend on necessities such as food and occasional pampering ourselves with things we like.      

	I recalled wanting to buy the full series with forty-five books of my favorite comic – “Doraemon” at a discounted price of $157.50 (from the usual $240) at a book fair. I pestered my parents to buy me the complete set. However, they allowed me to buy ten books and suggested alternatives such as borrowing from library or exchanging with friends. Though I threw a tantrum, my parents adhered to their decision. After thinking deeper about it, I realised that the money can be used in a better way, such as eating family dinner where everybody enjoys. 

Rule #2
	Do not watch television or play electronic gadgets during meal times. My parents stress that, as everyone is busy with their work, meal time is a good time for us to communicate without distraction from these devices. Once, I was addicted to a game called “The Moron Test” and sulked during meal time when my parents took away from me. They set this rule after that to prevent future occurrences.

Rule #3
Do not compare yourself with others. My parents highlight that it is not meaningful to compare with others as everyone is unique and has different strengths and weaknesses. 

	My brother and I would bicker over who have more toys or a bigger portion of our favorite ramen. My parents would remind us that our interests and tastes are different and pointless  to compare which cause unhappiness. Hence, this rule was set to prevent my brother and I from comparing that will lead to conflicts. 

Terms and Conditions 

	When rules are broken, my parents would give gentle reminders followed by a stern warning if I ignore it. Corporate punishment – caning will be warranted as the last resort. 
Improving rules 

	Rule #1 can be changed to include recycling. Recycling save money and help us to slow down global warning. My brother likes to scribble on one side of the paper and refused to use the clean side. My parents would remind him to “save the world”.  

Reading a book before bedtime. I would sit at the bay-window in my parents’ room to read my favourite comics. 

My parents hug, kiss and whisper “I love you” to me before going to bed. It feels natural now and I would initiate now to hug and kiss them too. 

In conclusion, though families have different rules and practices but it embedded the values system of the family. Some families have stricter and more rules than others. Nonetheless, rules can be changed but the values behind each rule will not change.