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James Seah
Seah, James

In today's 'new generation lingo', to blog about the Apple IIe as a first computer I use is so 'yesterday'.

I must admit that the earlier versions of the Apple computer systems is history. It is now obsolete and has become technology heritage.

The Apple IIe is the 'Grandfather of the Macintosh'.

According to the Obsolete Technology website, "Early personal computers were nothing like present day computers, they had personality!"

Steve Jobs once explained that the computer he led Woz to create as a result of attending their first computer show: "The real jump of the Apple II was that it was a finished product. It was the first computer that you could buy that wasn't a kit. It was fully assembled and had its own case and its own keyboard, and you could actually sit down and use it. And that was the breakthrough of the Apple II...that it looked like a real product. You didn't have to be a hardware hobbyist with the Apple II. That's what the Apple II was all about."

I am a "techno-curious" kind of guy. Besides learning how to use the Apple IIe, I was also fascinated by the technology behind the invention of the Apple computer. I will blog more on that at a later time