Origins of our National Flag Flypast


Singapore Memory Project
Singapore Memory Project

The CH-47 Chinook flying our National Flag during National Day Parades (NDP) has been a common sight for us Singaporeans these days. But does anybody remember when this began? 

It all started back in 1974 during that year’s NDP! Our Alouette III helicopter first flew an 8 by 6 feet National Flag. That is tiny by today’s standards!

In 1987, the Super Pumas helicopter took over this duty and flew a larger flag measuring 90 by 60 feet. And this actually set a world record for the largest state flag to be flown back in 1987! 

But nothing can compare to what our Chinook helicopter flies today. Covering an area of 5,400 square feet, it is more than 110 times larger than that flown by the Alouette III 40 years ago! In fact, it takes 30 servicemen an hour to prepare and attach the flag to the Chinook!