Siang Kah Pager?


Lee Kin Mun

I found this old pager in my drawer when I was spring cleaning. It belongs to my wife, and I had a similar one too. It still has the orange Singapore Telecoms logo on it, which gives you an idea how old it is. Even my wife's pager number is printed at the back of it.

In our youth, my wife (then girlfriend) and I used the pager to keep in touch with each other. We would call back at a payphone once we received a page. This model did not even do pager texts. The caller merely hit asterisk twice and hanged up, and the receiver would see the caller's s land line number. LAND LINE, wow.. Most of the time, we used our home line to page. But some payphones at coffee shops had a land line number.

These pagers fell out of favour once mobile phones and the Internet became ubiquitous but in its time, it was our first mobile communication device.

Come think of it, payphones are also becoming extinct these days too.