Family History of Hong Wen Xiang


Darryl Seah
Hong Wen Xiang 洪文祥

Family History of Hong Wen Xiang

My grandfather (A Gong), Ang Jia Shen 洪甲申 born in 1880 was cheated by an agency in Chao Zhou潮州. He was sold to Indonesia to work as a labourer planting tobacco for ten years. After the contract was over, he went back to his village at Chao Zhou(潮州), jie Yang County 揭阳县, Tao Du 桃都, Tian Zhong Xiang 田中乡and married to my grandmother (A Ma) , Zhen Sai Qin 曾塞琴 (1881) . He brought my grandmother and Da Bo 大伯洪丰勝 (1916) to Singapore.

My A gong (grandfather, Ang jia Shen) worked as a rubber taper and a farmer in a village together with my grand mother and his elder son (my Da Bo) (Hong Feng Sheng).  A Gong has another 4 sons and 2 daughters born in Singapore. 

My Da Bo (1916), married to Wei Yu Yin 魏玉音(1916). They have 3 sons and 4 daughters:
Hong Sun Ying 洪孙英(1938)(F), lst child, elder daughter – a cashier(unmarried)
Hong Long Fa 洪龙发(1940), 2nd child,( elder son), a hawker, married to a housewife Chen Yan 陈燕(1940), They have 2 daughters. Hong Jin Ling 洪金玲(1980, Jul) (air stewardess) and Hong Jin Li 洪金丽(1981)( lawyer). 
Hong Long Rong 洪龙荣(1942), 3rd child (2nd son), an artist, married to Shen Li Chan 沈丽婵 (1942), a finance manager, They have 2 daughters, Hong Si Min 洪思敏, (a marketing executive) and Hong Hui Min 洪辉敏, (an executive in StarHub Company ) 
Hong Hui Ying洪慧英 (1945), 4th child ( 2nd daughter)- a textile analyst (unmarried) 
Hong Qiao Mei 洪巧妹(1948), 5th child ( 3rd daughter), a cosmetic counter staff,has 3 daughters. 
Hong Rong Fa 洪荣发 6th child, (3rd son) (1950) (unmarried) 
Hong Qiao  Zhen 洪巧贞 7th child,(1952) (4th daughter) , a sales staff (unmarried)

My A gong’s 2nd son , Hong Xi Sheng 洪喜勝 (1920) a business man, married to Huang Ping Quan (黄平权1920),  a Chinese teacher . They have 6 daughters:
Hong Hui Lan 洪惠兰(1944), a bank staff 
Hong Hui Hua 洪惠华(1946), a bank staff 
Hong Hui Xian 洪惠娴 (1948), a house wife
Hong Hui Qun 洪惠群(1949), a bank staff 
Hong Hui Qing 洪惠清 (1950), a music teacher 
Hong Chu Hui 洪楚惠 (1952). Married to an Australian and migrated there.

My A Gong 3rd son is my father Hong San Sheng 洪三勝 (Ang Di Zi 洪弟仔) (1921) He married Kang A Mei 康亚妹  (Khong Ah Moey) (1925), who is my mother. My parents have 3 sons and 2 daughters.

My father told me he was married during the Japanese Occupation. He could still remember that the whole family and the neighbours were asked to assemble for inspection and interview by Japanese soldiers immediately after Japan invaded Singapore in 1942. He was asked by a Japanese soldier what kind of work he did.  Did he know “Jiang Jie Shi 蒋介石” My father replied that he was a farmer and he did not know “Jiang Jie Shi”. He was released, but many of the villagers after the interview were herded onto the parked lorries and were sent to Punggol beach. They were massacred and had never gone back home again.

My mother (Kang Ya Mei) was studying at Guang Yang Primary School during 2nd world war. All students were asked to make paper flower to sell to passers-by on streets to get donation and send back the proceeds to Mother Land (China) to save the country against the
Japanese invader. Sometimes, she made flower in school until midnight, she was so frightened when she walked back home alone.

My family was very poor. We lived in a village in Hougang 后港. My father was a lorry driver. We all 5 children were schooling. I remember we were unable to pay the school fees on time and were always reminded by school teachers to make the late payment fees. My parents always quarreled because of financial problems.

I still remember whenever there was heavy down pours, our attap- leaf roof would leak all over the places in our attap house.  We children had to help place basins or pails under where the rain water was seeping through the roof to prevent the floor from getting wet or from
being flooded. We felt fun. We drank well water and used fire wood for daily cooking. I was responsible for chopping bigger blocks of wood to smaller pieces and kept them in the kitchen for use. I also carried well water from the well which was about 50 metres away from our kitchen.

Hong Yu Lan 洪玉兰 (Ang Jeck Lang), my elder sister (1943, Sep) is a housewife. She has a daughter and a son.

Hong Wen Xiang 洪文祥 (Ang Boon Siang) myself, (1946.Apr) 2nd child (elder son), I have a Diploma in Public Health (London), married to Chen Cui Inn 陈翠英 (Tan Chwee Inn) (1947, Nov) . Both of us are civil servants. I was a Grassroot leader at Marine Parade Constituency from 1980 to 1993. (Chairman/ Secretary). We have 2 sons:

Hong Ting Yang 洪挺扬 (Ang Ting yang) (1975, Feb)(M) married to Qi Hong Zhu 旗虹竹(Kee Hong Chu ) (1975)— both of them are engineers working in established corporations. They have a daughter Hong Shi Jun 洪诗钧 (2008 Mar) (F) who is in Primary One at Mee Tho School, and a son, Hong Zi Feng 洪梓峰 (2010 Nov) (M) who is in kindergarten.

Hong Ting Wei 洪挺威 (Ang Ting Wei)  (1977 Mar) (M), married to Chen Wen Wen 陈
温温 (Tan Won Won) (1977)— Both of them are university graduates and are civil servants. They have 2 sons, Hong Zi Xiang 洪梓翔 (2010), and Hong Zi Hao 洪梓豪 (2012).

My father’s 3rd child, Hong Shu Lan 洪淑兰 (Ang Sok Long) (1948) (F). a counter staff at a Chinese medical clinic. She has 2 daughters and a son.

My father’s 4th child Hong Yin Xiang 洪英祥 (Ang Eng Siang) (1949) (M), a civil servant married to Lin Ai Lu 林爱禄 (1952), a house wife. They have 2 sons:
Hong Tian Hua 洪添华 (1976), sales executive (Paint) and Hong Zhen Hua 洪正华 (Jeffrey Ang) (1978), a press executive.

My father’s 5th child, Hong Qing Xiang (Ang Keng Siang) 洪庆祥 (1950)(M) a Nanyang university graduate, married to Jiang A Hua 江亚华,(1950) a Nanyang university graduate , a housewife. They have a daughter, Hong ke Jia 洪可佳 (1977 ), and a son, Hong Jin Jia 洪进佳(1979)

My A Gong’s 4th child Hong Sheng Hua 洪勝华 (1924) (M).  He was a Chinese teacher in Malacca and later worked as a bus driver and Taxi driver in Singapore. He married Man Gui Ying 曼贵英(1924), a house wife. They have 2 sons and 4 daughters:
A son Hong Joseph 洪约瑟 (Joseph Ang ) (1948) (M), 1st child, a Lawyer. He married Wang Man Li 王蔓莉. They have a son, Hong Wei Yang 洪伟扬 working as a DJ in broadcasting
A daughter, Hong Li  Rong 洪丽容 2nd child, (1950) (F) a house wife.
A daughter Hong Li Li 洪莉莉3rd child (1948) (F) a civil servant,( deceased)
A daughter Hong Li Qing 洪莉卿 4th child,(1950) (F), an accountant

Hong Li Yun 洪莉云 5th child (1952) (F), house wife. A son Hong Li Quan 洪莉全 6th child, (1954)(M), air steward.

A Gong’s two daughters are Hong Xiu Hiang 洪秀香(1926) (5th child), a house wife, and Hong Xiu Juan 洪秀娟 (1928) (6th child),worker in a clinic.

My A Gong’s youngest 7th child Hong Sheng Min 洪勝民 (1933) (M). He was a school clerk, married to Chen Yu Qin 陈玉琴 (1933) a Chinese teacher. They have 2 daughters.

Hong Shao Qi 洪少琪 (1964) (F) an Insurance agent. Hong Shao Fen 洪少芬 (1965) (F), housewife.