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Kee Song Brothers Poutry is a poultry company with its headquarters located in Singapore, No. 2 Defu Lane. Set up in 1987, Kee Song Brothers Poultry has gradually expanded and currently has operational offices in Taiwan and Malaysia. ^1 ^9 The company was first established by three brothers and a sister, Mr Ong Kee Song, Mr Ong Kian San, Mr Ong Kian Huat and Mdm Ong Yong Xian. The company was named after their chairman, Mr Ong Kee Song. ^9 Kee Song Brothers Poultry provide poultry farming and processing services. ^3 Kee Song rears chickens without using antibiotic and growth hormones and are fed with lactobacillus ^4^9


Kee Song Brothers Poultry was first set up in 1987, where the name ‘Kee Song’ was derived from one of the brothers’ name. They started off by selling chickens to wet market vendors and gradually, they widened their circle of vendors to include top hotels and restaurants in Singapore. ^9

Technological Advancement In Products

To differentiate their products, Kee Song integrated lactobacillus farming technology into the rearing method for their Sakura Chickens in 2005. This enabled the chicken meat to be healthier. This method won them the Merit for Innovation Award (2009-2011) from Singapore Institute of Food Science and Technology. ^5 Sakura Chickens are also bred using farming technology in which chickens live in a temperature-controlled, clean environment with space for them roam about while listening to Mozart music. ^ 5 

Subsequently, they also collaborated with Dr Chia Tet Fatt, Director of Otemchi Biotechnologies to develop their own lactobacillus feed technology, a good bacteria commonly used in the production of yogurt and cheese to allow their chickens to grow healthily without having to inject antibiotics and artificial growth hormones. ^6 


Kee Song Brothers Poultry's farm is located at Enterprise One Building on No.1 Kakit Bukit Road. ^7 Kee Song Brothers also owns an abattoir, which is equipped with automated slaughtering systems for slaughtering and packing of the chickens for sale. ^8

Written by: Tan Wan Xuan, Desiree Wong Wei Ping, Liu Hao Yu, Joven Chan Guanwen and Destiny Toh Jia Hui.


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