The friendly pineapple drinks seller of Braddell Rise School


Lam Chun See
Lam, Chun See

I attended the Braddell Rise School from 1960 to 1963 (P2 to P5). Braddell Rise School was located at the junction of Braddell Road and Upper Thomson Road, just next to the Mount Alvernia Hospital.

Outside our school gate was a very friendly pineapple drinks seller. He was especially kind and generous to us playful, sweaty and thirsty boys. Each cup of his wonderful pineapple drink cost 5 cents. His drinks were 'super-cool'. He allowed us to have extra helping of the water - minus the pineapple cubes - free of charge. On some days when we ran out of cash, he also let us have a free cup; without the pineapple cubes of course.

I remember that the plastic container and the laddle looked just like the modern-day version in the photo. Whenever I see this drink at the hawker centres, I am reminded of our friendly pineapple drinks seller of Braddell Rise School. 

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