Lim's family story


Jian Gu
Boey Jer Qi, Rebecca

My 外婆 was named 英宝 as she was born in colonial times. Her parents (符气源 and 李爱英) came from 中国海南岛(祖籍:广东省文昌县) and they worked as housekeepers for a British family who lived in a bungalow. My 外婆 had eight siblings. She graduated from 立化中学.

In contrast, my 外公 had only one older sister. His father (林开通) was a teacher in 广东省汕头县, although he became a merchant after he came to Singapore with his wife (潘美香). My 外公 eventually took after his father and became a merchant, although he was originally studying to be a chemical engineer in 南洋大学. However, just before he took his final year exams in 1964, a riot broke out in Singapore. In fear that he would be harmed in the riot, his parents kept him at home as he was their only son and they could not risk losing him. This caused him to miss his examinations, and he was unable to graduate with a university degree. After peace was restored in Singapore, he found work in a bank, but was eventually persuaded by his parents to join the family business.

My 奶奶 was also offered a place at 南大, but she turned down the offer
as she felt that graduates from 南大 could not compete with English-educated graduates from University of Singapore. Instead, she became a teacher at a primary school. Her parents (王祥 and 杨绍呤) came from 广东省潮安县. They gave birth to four girls, and later on her father took another wife as he wanted a son to carry on the family name. By then, he had become a successful merchant.  However, his second wife still did not bear him any sons, so he adopted a boy instead. This boy eventually turned out to be a very doting 舅舅; he would sometimes take his nephews out with him when he went on dates! As of now, my 爸爸 is learning 气功 with his 舅舅 under the mentorship of my Father's 表哥! They are all members of the Henderson Wave Qigong Group! 

My 爷爷's parents (梅福洽 and 陈秀娥) came from 广东省四邑县. His father was a carpenter. My 爷爷 was a very hardworking man, and he worked as a draftsman while attending polytechnic. My Father used to run down to the coffee shop to buy him coffee when he had to work late into the night! My 爷爷's oldest brother became a very successful businessman, and he successfully persuaded his brothers to work for him. He eventually retired a multimillionaire.

My 爸爸 was named 梅国豪 by his 爷爷, due to his aspirations for his descendants to have the attributes of 英俊豪杰. So he gave four of his grandsons the names 国英、国俊、国豪 and 国杰. 

My 叔叔 migrated to Christ Church, New Zealand in 2002 with his wife and son as he found that Singapore's population was getting too big, and that it was becoming overcrowded. His friend was considering moving to New Zealand at that time, so he decided to follow suit. However, his family still craved the local Singaporean food, so my 奶奶 would regularly send them Prima Taste meal sauce kits so they could continue to savour Singaporean food, thus maintaining their Singaporean tastebuds. His occupation is a car salesman, although he has a business administration degree from National University of Singapore. That's because blue collar work pays better than white collar work in New Zealand! 婶婶 used to be a primary school teacher before she emigrated. She graduated from National University of Singapore too.

My parents both graduated from National University of Singapore. They are family physicians.

姑姑 and 姑丈 both graduated from National University of Singapore. 姑丈 works in Housing Development Board while 姑姑 is an ex-primary school teacher. 

阿姨、姨丈 and 舅母 all graduated from National University of Singapore. They work in UBS, UOB and GIC respectively. 

舅舅 graduated from Singapore Institute of Management. He works in a headhunter firm.