Stamford Girls School 6A 1961


Singapore Memory
Kwek Chay Tiang (nee Mrs Ho Chay Tiang)

I spent my primary school days from 1956 till 1961 at Stamford Girls’ School which is at Waterloo Street. Waterloo Primary School in those days was next to Stamford Girls’ School.

One of the primary school activities that I looked forward to is the annual Sports’ Day. Although I was not good in sport at all, I enjoyed watching other school mates participating in the various events which were very interesting and unforgettable. However every student must take part. I am glad that I still have the photo of one the Sports’ Day as attached. This was when I was in Primary 3.  It was a bouncing race. I belonged to the red house and came in second, but received no prize. 

In Primary 5 I finally received a prize. It was very special, in the form of a silver cup and the event I took part in was running in a gunny sack. It was real fun. Most of my classmates enjoyed this race . However, I remember the great joy I experienced when I received my first trophy. My classmates still remember taking part in this sack race, too

The school field is shared with Waterloo Primary School. Very often the children from the two schools would quarrel over the use of school field. Unfortunately, Waterloo Primary School has been demolished more than 20 years ago. At least, our primary school building is still there, now known as Stamford Art Centre. The new Stamford Primary School is at another building at the junction of Victoria Street and Arab St.  It is no longer a girls’ school. The school field was our main playground during recess. It was not well maintained compared to the one opposite St Joseph Institution.( the present Art Museum). Certain areas were stony. People living in the area sometimes rested under the trees. One particular tree believed to be haunted often had joss sticks stuck near it.

“Memories collected from the School Reunion Contest held from July 15 to 9 Aug 2012 in collaboration with SPH and sponsored by Singapore Flyer.”