My Primary School (P1 & P2) at Telok Paku Primary School


Singapore Memory
Ong Beng Teck

1970s.  I attended my P1 & P2 at Telok Paku Primary School which has to make way for Changi Airport development later.
It was near Changi Road, next to the Changi Military Airport as well.  The school mainly comprised of a few long row of buildings with classroom and a 3 or 4 storey building where our AV & Hall were.
I happened to be in the morning class for one year and afternoon class for another year.  So for one year, I would be seeing sunrise along Changi seaside, which was very beautiful.  And for the second year, I would see how tide in the evening where sea retreated far out exposing the shallow sea bed, and people picking sea cucumber and other sea creatures.
I miss the beautiful scenery and it has long etched in my memory.

(Memory collected at the Bukit Merah Public Library during "The Singapore Story: My Heart, My Hope, My Home" campaign from 6 Sep to 31 Dec 2012)